LIASB Virtual Event

The Pension Time Bomb

Date 7/8/2020
Time: 8:00 - 10:00am

Uncontrolled overtime will add 80 Billion dollars to public pension obligations. If unchecked, this will place an enormous burden on taxpayers over the next two decades

You will learn:

  • Skyrocketing public pensions due to huge amounts of overtime being factored into pension calculations.
  • A call for legislation to ban overtime from being factored into pensions.
  • Is bankruptcy the only way to get restructuring for the MTA and other government entities?.


Guest Speakers

Steve Levy

Steve Levy served 15 years in the Suffolk County Legislature where he rose to Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee and Deputy Presiding Officer. He afterwards served as a NY State assemblyman. In 2003 he was elected as Suffolk County Executive and re-elected in 2007. Presently, Steve is a political commentator. Under his company Common Sense Strategies, he has appeared on Fox News and hosted “The Steve Levy Show” on LI News Radio 103.9 FM. He has been repeatedly published in the Washington Examiner, Washington Times, the Albany Times Union and the Long Island Business News. He has also authored Bias in the Media and was a contributing author to The Recovering Politician.

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