LIASB Overtime

Cyber-security: Common Sense Best Practices

If the cyber attacks over the past week have you concerned you should be.

As our world and businesses become more connected not everything in the "Internet of Things" and business connectivity have your best interest at heart. Learn what you should and shouldn't do related to Cyber-security and your business. Join us for LIASB Overtime to hear important information and get answers to your question.

Show aired: May, 24, 2017

Issued covered:
  • Why would hackers target small businesses?
  • What types of cyber-attacks are there?
  • What risks/costs do small businesses face as the result of a cyber-attack?
  • What can be done by small businesses to mitigate the risks of a cyber-attack?
  • What should a business do if it is attacked?
  • Is cyber insurance necessary?
  • Are there any special considerations for providing information to third party vendors or securing services in the cloud?