Vision for the Future

By: Joe Apfelbaum - Ajax Union


This was written by my good friend Joe Apfelbaum, CEO of Ajax Union a B2B technology company located in Brooklyn

Most people have sight, but they lack vision.

People often think that what happened in the past is what will happen in the future.

They see the reality that they live in now and that is all they can see for the future.

I heard a mentor once say, “The past does not equal the future.”

The thought of the future being just like the past makes us STUCK and unable to progress.

Lack of progress equals lack of happiness.

We must have progress to feel good about life.

We are either growing or dying.

In the park I often look at trees and plants and I think about how they were once not there, and someone had to have a vision for those gardens.

They had to have a long-term vision for a tree that is 100 years old.

When you plant an orchard, you usually do not see the full benefits of it, it is for generations to come.

Now is a great time to think about 3 years from now, 10 years from now and even past your lifetime.

What vision do you want to create for yourself? Jack Canfield created a video about how to create a vision board

Your mind responds strongly to visual stimulation. And you can use sight and VISION.

  • Find pictures that find the feelings and possessions that you want to attract in your life.
  • Post your affirmations and inspirational word quotes. (Love, Joy, Peace etc.)
  • Keep your vision neat so that you do not attract chaos into your life. Keep it simple.

You can create separate vision boards for the different areas of your life.

Do you have words that represent your vision for the future? Feel free to send them to me, I would love to see them. Just reply to this email.

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