Some business owners seek tools AFTER they discover that they need them. LIASB is a unique and powerful resource to help you develop and grow your business. They offer lots of ways to do it and the tools necessary to make it happen. Explore the resources provided by LIASB. Their focus is on helping you win.

Dan Schaefer PhD

Adelphi University has been a proud partner of the LIASB since it’s inception. I have seen strong leadership, creativity and innovation consistently emerge from its members. The LIASB has proven itself to be a valuable resource to small businesses, non-profits, and sole proprietors alike. .

James McGowan


LIASB is a wonderful resource for small business owners. I’ve made many important business connections. I enjoy and benefit from the exchange of ideas with others who face the same challenges in their own businesses. The board is dedicated to providing a quality experience for its members. It’s nice to be a part of this group and to know we are not alone out there!

Valerie Alliger-Bograd

The LIASB is an excellent source for women in the entrepreneurial world to find the help and sources they need to take their businesses to the next level. This group brings many women together to share their experiences with one another.

Lisa Rodino

LIASB is about education and networking – two of the most critical things startups need. There’s no doubt in my mind that even more established small businesses fighting their way to survival and growth still need affordable training, guidance, expertise and networking. You provide it all through LIASB.

Ken Greenberg


Having spoken at LIASB several times over the years, I’m able to say it’s among the finest groups of professionals on Long Island. LIASB provides its members with quality educational opportunities, great people and a leadership dedicated to helping members grow their businesses…it’s a terrific organization where small businesses can learn and network.

Jeff Goldberg

I have been a member of LIASB for over 10 years. LIASB is an organization that brings all types of businesspeople together to make us aware of pertinent information that may impact our businesses. . Whether you own your own business or work for someone else and want to keep abreast of the business climate on Long Island, this is the group for you.

Sheryl Hecht

LIASB has very interesting and informative seminars. The development sessions prior to the meeting are always interesting and helpful to my small business. I am grateful that this organization is here to help small businesses on Long Island.

Sandra M. Radna, Esq.,Sandra M. Radna, P.C

The small business owner has to weigh carefully how to deploy limited resoures of time and money in deciding what vehicle(s) to select for thier essential business building activities. The LIASB has been one such organization the I continually renew principally based on their very strong educational programs for members and other interested parties. I confidently recommend that you sample the LIASB programs and seriously consider joining as a member.

Tony Borelli, MS, ChFC®, LUTCF

The LIASB has been a useful resource as I transitioned from one position to the next and I have always felt welcomed and included. Your board members are passionate about providing the resources for small business to grow and that is evident in the programs and discussions shared during your meetings. I have gained valuable insight and have taken away many good tips that would prove helpful to me in my business endeavors.

Lenore Paprocky