More than half of Long Island employees work for small business employing forty-nine people or less.

These businesses and the people they employ have a direct influence on the Long Island economy and by extension, the lifestyles and wellbeing of every man, woman and child who live here. 

To safeguard and ensure an environment in which Long Island small business can thrive, the Long Island Advancement of Small Business allows them to collectively avail themselves of benefits that are often denied to them individually.  These benefits include:

  1. Increased business through an enlarged sphere of influence
  2. Reasonably price training
  3. Affordable insurance
  4. A single, audible voice that will be heard by local, state, and federal political leaders.


Sponsorship Committee

The mission of the Sponsorship Committee is: To find companies to offer sponsorships to keep our organization going. We have an number of sponsorship plans available to meet your budget. If you like working with organizations and sponsors and would like to help join this committee.

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Membership Committee

The purpose of the Membership Committee is to support current and new members. Provide welcome, orientation and support for new members and identify diverse membership needs, including membership engagement, benefits and services.

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Program Committee

The mission of the Program Committee is to develop LIASB’s monthly morning events. This includes engaging speakers to make presentations, conduct workshops and participate in panel discussions. Selection of speakers and topics is consistent with LIASB’s mission to provide educational programs to help its members grow their businesses.

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Development Committee

The Mission of the Development committee in a non-profit organization is to be responsible for bringing in revenue streams such as grants and donations. The committee develops strategies and then executes plans to raise funds that are vital for their organization. Their activities may consist of writing grant applications or of writing letters to potential sponsors or foundations asking them for contributions.

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Technology Committee

The Technology Committee is charged with providing the membership with useful information related to using technology to improve business. TechTips published bi-monthly highlights relevant tips, news and articles to help entrepreneurs succeed.

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