LIASB debate on Long Island

We introduced ourselves to Long Island in a big way. We had an evening kickoff event in October, 2009 with over 600 people attending. Suffolk County Supervisor, Steve Levy was our main guest speaker.

LIASB challenges MTA Tax

One of LIASB’s goals is to make sure that our elected representatives hear the voices of Long Island’s small businesses. Our first challenge came in 2010 when, with Ron Gold and Teresa Ward in the forefront, we took on the unfair MTA Tax. They started a petition and collected over 15,000 signatures. They went as far as visiting a local pro-MTA Tax politician, who was the deciding vote for this bill, and asked him to reconsider. He was not in the least bit interested in what these members of LIASB had to say. As a point of information, this politician is no longer in office

LIASB celebrated its one-year anniversary

In October of 2010 LIASB celebrated its one-year anniversary as an evening event at one of the local hotels. We had the Director of Economic Development for Suffolk County as our keynote speaker and a turnout of over 200 attendees. We continued to generate more interest, and we gained more members.

LIASB on WLIW21 Long Island Business Report

WLIW21 Long Island Business Report

LIASB talks about Small Business on Long Isdland

Mr. John Hill, Dr. Corrinne Graham and Dr. Larry Green; LIASB Board Members appeared on “Long Island Business Report” on WLIW Channel 21

Small business is at the heart of the American economy, and Long Island is no exception. With over 150 thousand small businesses employing close to 1.5 million people, Long Island’s small business community is central to this region. But running a small business can be a tough road. In this episode, we explore what can be done to help small businesses on Long Island survive and thrive.



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