FJD & Associates, Inc.

Fred Dunwoody
Westbury, NY 11590
P: 516 665-0144


 We provide solutions that allows businesses to unshackle their processes, workflows, documentation and data from the inherent limitations of using inefficient capture applications (department based) to solve systemic problems that impede productivity and impact profitability. By using agnostic (interoperability) solutions that are platform or application independent allows the business to leverage its resources (documentation and data) across the whole enterprise. Reducing the time, cost and user intervention associated with document and data capture, management, workflows and integration.

Digital Writing C2P (Capture-to-Process) utilizes a group of world class solutions and best practices that have proven to reduce 70% - 90% of the administrative tasks and costs associated with collecting, processing and managing mission critical documentation. These solutions digitize content into industry standards, so it complements your existing applications today and in the future.