How to Succeed in Business (By Really Trying)



This month’s meeting “How to Succeed in Business (By Really Trying)” was packed with helpful information that anyone in business could utilize to protect their business and principals from unforeseen pitfalls.

Sean J. McGowan, Associate at Kaufman & Associates LLC, shared with the group the importance of making sure your business is setup correctly and the differences and benefits between the types of businesses that can be established. One key point made focused on how owners and principals need to format their signature block to corporate document and communications. Not doing this right could mitigate all the protections you tried to deploy when creating your business.

Francine E. Love, Founder and Principal of LOVELAW Firm, PLLC, provided information related to various Human Resource issues and the legalities associates with Contact Workers. She presented several do’s and don’ts. A key point that was stressed was that Contract Workers should not have any association with the company nor be bound by HR policies intended for fulltime employees. Providing a Contract Worker with a business card from your company can be interpreted as them being an employee.

Elliot M. Portman, Creditor’s Rights Attorney with Portman Law Group. PC, discussed how best to protect your business from employee theft and the best practices when collecting outstand receivables. One important fact discussed relates to businesses that provide services, if the customer doesn’t pay can you just shut them off, turn off their services? No, unless you have done everything required by state law prior to securing their business to inform and disclose to the customer in your contracts and communications what your policies are. However, this does not apply unilaterally to every business and industry.

These are just a few of the highlights from our informative and engaging meeting this morning. If you would like to learn more about the subject discussed please contact us at