These businesses and the people they employ have a direct influence on the Long Island economy and by extension, the lifestyles and wellbeing of every man, woman and child who live here. 

To safeguard and ensure an environment in which Long Island small business can thrive, the Long Island Advancement of Small Business allows them to collectively avail themselves of benefits that are often denied to them individually.  These benefits include:

  1. Increased business through an enlarged sphere of influence
  2. Reasonably price training
  3. Affordable insurance
  4. A single, audible voice that will be heard by local, state, and federal political leaders.


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Cyber-security: Common Sense Best Practices

As our world and businesses become more connected not everything in the "Internet of Things" and business connectivity have your best interest at heart.

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Does your business need to be Compliant?

Many business owners don’t realize that they need to be compliant and are exposed to potential fines and the loss of business. Dose an electrician, consultant, copier company, business service provider, customer support personnel need to be compliant?

YES, if you know what to look for.

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